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Networking Myths – Debunked!

24 May

Are you networking effectively? A recent blog appearing in Business Insider deflates FIVE misconceptions about networking, while giving great examples why building professional relationships is a must!

Among the issues raised are how networking is NOT annoying to those you speak with and how networking is NOT viewed as cheating.

Most importantly, the article points out that you DO NOT have to attend every networking event possible to gain a leg up in your job or client search. As the article mentions, “The best networking events are usually not called ‘networking events.’”

Instead of attending large events full of salespeople and desperate job-seekers, it is easy to network with someone with similar interests on a one-on-one basis. By scheduling a lunch through Down4Lunch you can easily connect with other people in your geographical area and in your field, all during your lunch break!

Networking is Your Insurance Policy

20 Jun

One of the reasons why we think Down4Lunch is so important is because networking is so important.

With corporate downsizing and layoffs, fewer workers today are putting their trust and loyalty in their companies.  Instead, more are turning to their network of professional contacts for that sense of security.

Don’t necessarily take it from us.  The Arizona Republic on June 19 reported the same thing:

Workers are networking aggressively, not for fun but because they fear they could lose their jobs.

Think of successful networking, then, as your insurance policy and Down4Lunch as your broker, except that we don’t charge you a penny.

Sign up today to learn when we go live, so you won’t miss a minute of networking your way into your next job, sale, or other career opportunity.


We’re Taking Names

20 Jun

Over the weekend, Down4Lunch went public.  No, we didn’t file for an IPO.  At least not yet.  But we did announce ourselves, for the first time, on the World Wide Web.

We’re getting closer to launch and are asking people to give us their e-mail address so we can notify them when we do.

We’re excited! Imagine: Deciding for yourself who, when, and where to meet new professionals, rather than having to depend on others to schedule networking events at their convenience.  Even better… it’s free!  Check us out today.


Counting the days

5 Jun

We at Down4Lunch are working hard to go online as fast as we can. In a few days we will launch Down4Lunch in Beta so you will be able to try our new and exciting tool, meet new people over lunch and broaden your business network.

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