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Tips for Conducting a Successful Networking Lunch

23 Sep

Having a networking lunch with a professional you hardly know requires some extra care to make sure the relationship gets started on the right foot.  BNI has posted some worthwhile tips you ought to consider.

They recommend choosing a restaurant closer to the person you’re inviting than yourself.  This probably is even a better idea when the person you’ve invited could potentially become a very important client or contact. Down4Lunch isn’t set up for you to select a restaurant close to the OTHER person.  Rather, we display restaurants closest to YOU. Both options should be available. We’ll be working to fix that, because it’s a great idea.

Another great idea BNI shares: Don’t talk or pitch too much.  Take your lead from your lunch partner’s behavior.  And another: Call ahead to request special arrangements, like a quiet table, if the lunch is particularly important.

One thing we’d disagree with is advice not to use a coupon. Using a coupon at lunch is okay.  If you’ve selected a Down4Lunch featured restaurant that offers one, print it out and bring it with you.  It’s one of the advantages of your free, Down4Lunch membership.  Coupons (e.g. Groupon) are more popular than ever and everyone understands the importance of cutting expenses.  In fact, a potential client may appreciate your concern with keeping costs low.

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