Lunch Networking Rules of the Road

27 Jun

Two recent bloggers discussed proper behavior at networking lunches.

We couldn’t help but notice that, first, blogger Liz Ryan acknowledges that networkers “rely so heavily on favors from the people they meet along the way.” That’s one of the main purposes of Down4Lunch — to help you meet the people that can make your career and business prospects even stronger.

Ryan shares other tips, among them using a first meeting not to close a deal but to establish a rapport with the other person for followup meetings and requests later on.

Vivan Chen discusses lunch-time etiquette, useful reminders appropriate for more than just business lunches.

Encouraged by Interest in Online Professional Networking

26 Jun

Online blogs are reporting (such as here and here) about new applications on Facebook that faciliate “professional social networking.” They says that Facebook users want tools to help them exploit their social networks for professional purposes. This is great news.

But the best professional relationships still are personal, not virtual. Take it from Lori Smart who, posting a comment on one of the articles above, said that she and friends had blocked one of the apps after being annoyed by “people you have never worked with continually asking you to recommend them.”

Down4Lunch is the best of both worlds. We connect you online to potentially great professional contacts so that you can meet in person to forge lasting relationships leading to new career and business opportunities. Apps that discover professional connections among Facebook friends are helpful, but the best relationships still are made in person.

Career Coach Advises Networking

21 Jun

In a U.S. News & World Report article posted to Yahoo! News yesterday, career coach Miriam Salpeter says effective company and industry research and networking can be crucial to successful job-searching.

Rather than respond to job listings, Salpeter advises spending time identifying and reaching out to employees of companies where you’d like to work, “moving online relationships to in-person” to “learn all you can and share information about yourself.”

This is exactly the point of Down4Lunch, to help forge meaningful, lasting, and mutually-beneficial relationships among professionals that can lead to new business and career opportunities. We’re happy to see accomplished career counselors endorsing the purposes for which Down4Lunch was created.

Networking is Your Insurance Policy

20 Jun

One of the reasons why we think Down4Lunch is so important is because networking is so important.

With corporate downsizing and layoffs, fewer workers today are putting their trust and loyalty in their companies.  Instead, more are turning to their network of professional contacts for that sense of security.

Don’t necessarily take it from us.  The Arizona Republic on June 19 reported the same thing:

Workers are networking aggressively, not for fun but because they fear they could lose their jobs.

Think of successful networking, then, as your insurance policy and Down4Lunch as your broker, except that we don’t charge you a penny.

Sign up today to learn when we go live, so you won’t miss a minute of networking your way into your next job, sale, or other career opportunity.

We’re Taking Names

20 Jun

Over the weekend, Down4Lunch went public.  No, we didn’t file for an IPO.  At least not yet.  But we did announce ourselves, for the first time, on the World Wide Web.

We’re getting closer to launch and are asking people to give us their e-mail address so we can notify them when we do.

We’re excited! Imagine: Deciding for yourself who, when, and where to meet new professionals, rather than having to depend on others to schedule networking events at their convenience.  Even better… it’s free!  Check us out today.

Counting the days

5 Jun

We at Down4Lunch are working hard to go online as fast as we can. In a few days we will launch Down4Lunch in Beta so you will be able to try our new and exciting tool, meet new people over lunch and broaden your business network.

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