New Features to Help You Network

8 May

Down4Lunch is excited to announce new features to help you network.

See All of Your Matches…

The calendar dashboard now displays all Down4Lunch members matching a member’s lunch-partner preferences instead of only those members who’ve created a lunch. Members can view the profiles of these matches and invite them to lunch, or they can mark them as “favorites” and view and invite them to lunch later.  Members still can create an “open lunch” for any matching member to see and join on the “Schedule a Lunch” page.

Invite Anyone To Lunch…

Using the “Invite by Email” tab atop their calendar dashboard or on the “Schedule a Lunch” page, members now can invite anyone to lunch, even someone not yet a Down4Lunch member.  We send the lunch invitation via email, and the person being invited will have a chance to join Down4Lunch when accepting the invitation.

No More Minimum-User Thresholds...

We no longer require a minimum number of users in a city before a member can schedule a lunch.  Now, anyone anywhere can create a lunch by inviting a matching user or using the new “Invite by Email” feature to invite someone new to Down4Lunch.

Change Lunch Details…

On any lunch invitation, members now can suggest an alternative day, time, or place for lunch as many times as necessary until they agree to the details.

Matches By Email…

Down4Lunch sends periodic emails notifying members of available lunches.  Those emails now will include lunch-partner recommendations. From within those emails, members can invite recommended lunch partners to lunch or mark them as “favorites” to view and invite later.

We aim to continuously improve Down4Lunch.  Please continue to send us feedback and ideas. And help us spread the word about Down4Lunch.  Our new “Invite by Email” feature is a great way to do that, as is following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Sign up today at  Down4Lunch is a FREE service. Already a member? Log on to explore our new features and get Down4Lunch with someone new today.


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