Networking Over a Meal is Catching On

28 Jul

Fifty percent think it’s a great idea, while 33% percent aren’t yet convinced, according to an informal poll.

Networking — or, in this case, at least meeting new friends — over a meal is catching on.  A central Florida tax advisor reportedly has established an informal group of people who meet new friends over meals, and it’s a hit.

Down4Lunch is doing the same thing but with the goal of forging relationships leading not to new playpals, but to professional contacts who’ll go out of their way to help each other with job or sales leads, new client contacts, or even general career advice.

It may seem like half the world is on one online social network or another (or several), but individuals still are unsatisfied.  Caught in a monotony of irrelevant, tedious, “so what?” online jabbering, increasing numbers of people, it seems, seek more substance and purpose from their online pursuits.  That’s what seems to have motivated the Florida group’s creation, and it’s exactly what Down4Lunch aims to achieve for professionals everywhere, one city and user at a time.

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