Making Networking Easier for Women

28 Jun

At Down4Lunch, we’ve been calling our new service “insurance” against corporate layoffs. When your company lets you go, your personal network is all you have. Down4Lunch lets you develop and nurture that network. We don’t charge fees, so think of us as insurance without a premium. What could be better than that?

An article on, echoes the point. It says, “[T]he truth is that online networking can be the equivalent of career insurance, opening up your options and keeping you resilient in the face of job changes.” We like when people agree with us. also cites LinkedIn data indicating that women network less. LinkedIn says fewer women than men send invitations to link up on its website. For that, Down4Lunch may help, for it gives women an opportunity not just to connect online but in person as well, making networking seem more sincere and personable — the touchy, feely experience that more women than men seem to feel is necessary and crave.

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